Cartier and EHL sign a partnership to advance luxury management

March 12, 2024

Lausanne, Switzerland, 5th March 2024 – In a landmark collaboration, Cartier and EHL Hospitality Business School (EHL) have signed an agreement to set a new standard in luxury experience management education. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation in the luxury and hospitality sectors.

In an era where service excellence and hospitality experiences are pivotal for luxury brands, this partnership aims to harness hospitality management principles to enhance consumer engagement and develop innovative luxury concepts. "In today’s experience economy, the integration of luxury settings with exceptional service moments is essential," the agreement states, emphasizing the importance of creating impactful guest experiences.

Dr Achim Schmitt, Dean of EHL Hospitality Business School, highlighted the educational value the partnership will bring: "Our collaboration with Cartier represents a significant enrichment of our educational offerings, providing our students with unparalleled access to the luxury sector. Through field and industry discovery expeditions, immersive experiences, and expert lectures provided by Cartier, our students are uniquely positioned to conceptualize and create cutting-edge luxury experiences."

Cartier will serve as the official corporate partner for the EHL Master in Hospitality Management (MiHM) with a specialization in luxury experience management. This collaboration expresses the pioneering spirit of both institutions and a shared dedication to excellence. The human-centric approach to hospitality and service management education at EHL Hospitality Business School and the creativity embodied by Cartier will provide future leaders and changemakers with the skills to not only develop successful businesses, but also foster engaging corporate culture and unique customer experiences.

“Cartier is committed to nurturing the next generation of luxury professionals,” says Béatrice Wenzel Lux Kronig, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Cartier. “This partnership with EHL Hospitality Business School will help us to develop exceptional talents who can drive innovation and excellence in the luxury industry.”

The partnership aims to address emerging trends and issues in luxury, such as purpose-driven luxury, sustainability, and evolving consumer expectations, by incorporating principles of luxury marketing, finance, and operations into the curriculum. This approach ensures that students are well-equipped to advance business practices and establish winning strategies in the luxury sector.

The MiHM's Specialization in Luxury Experience Management will begin in September 2024. Applications are open now. For more information, please visit our website.

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