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EHL Faculty is pleased to announce the creation of its 4th Research Institute: EHL Institute of Nutrition R&D

July 6, 2021

“The kitchen of the future inspired by Nature”

In January 2021, the EHL Institute of Nutrition R&D was launched by Dr Inès Blal (Co-Director of the Institute), Patrick Ogheard (Co-Director) and Cyrille Lecossois (Manager). It is one of EHL’s applied research institutes and as such, its objective is to put EHL expertise at the service of applied research by offering a unique set of deliverables to its sponsors.

The mission of the EHL Institute of Nutrition R&D is to develop cutting edge solutions in food and kitchen management for healthier food with a positive social and ecological impact. The three founders envision that a multi-disciplinary approach bridging biomimicry, science, management, and culinary expertise is critical to the future of Nutrition and F&B solutions.

In the same way that EHL’s institute of Customer Experience Management works closely with Audemars Piguet, or the Institute of Business Creativity with Métro, the EHL Institute of Nutrition R&D has Nestlé Research as its first working partner. Through this closer collaboration, EHL Group and Nestlé will further combine their scientific and culinary expertise to accelerate innovation.

In the spirit of collaborative innovation, both EHL Group and Nestlé will enroll their creative talents in a joint program to translate scientific discoveries into prototypes and new recipes for Nestlé’s research or for the R&D Accelerator project. In addition, EHL faculty and Nestlé Research scientists will collaborate together on academic publications.

Guided by EHL chefs, in R&D workshops, EHL students will be exposed to Nestlé’s strong expertise in science and technology, helping them to create new recipes and food ideas. The collaboration between EHL’s culinary expertise and Nestlé science is aimed towards new product concepts for specific consumer segments, following a rapid prototyping approach.

This collaboration builds on existing joint programs such as the well-established annual EHL-Nestlé Culinary Contest, and support for final-year student business projects. Furthermore, in 2020, EHL Group and Nestlé co-founded and launched with other partners the Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley to develop and promote a global food and nutrition innovation ecosystem in Switzerland.

Please contact the institute or visit the institute website if you have any questions.

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