The Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality (GATE) now part of EHL’s international network of certified schools.

February 16, 2021
Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality (GATE) became part of the network of EHL certified schools

Lausanne (Switzerland) / Kathmandu (Nepal) - 16 February 2021 - Since 1 January 2021, the Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality (GATE) became part of the network of EHL certified schools, thus giving Nepalese youth access to a benchmark education, based on the Swiss model of dual education, which Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is world renowned for.

With more than 128 years of experience in training leaders in the hospitality industry, EHL provides advice and support to other hotel schools, particularly through its certification model, in order to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry in search of talent.

"We are very pleased to support GATE in its hospitality and tourism training. This fine institution already has a solid foundation on which we can build a strong base and an educational environment that meets the aspirations of Nepalese students and the needs of the local industry," said Dr. Juan F. Perellon, Chairman of the Certification Commission and Chief Academic Officer of EHL Group.

“The hospitality industry is evolving at a very rapid pace globally and so is the student population. Hospitality educational institutions therefore must remain a few paces ahead of the needs and motivations of the industry and the students. We are working closely with GATE in further strengthening its student centric learning environment, faculty development, curricula enhancement and learning resources. We welcome GATE to the EHL international network of certified schools”, added Aman Aditya Sachdev, Regional Director (South Asia and Myanmar), EHL Advisory Services.

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