Corporate Governance

EHL appoints new Executive Leadership Team to design and execute the EHL 2030 Strategy

October 20, 2022

Thursday, 20th October 2022 - EHL gives the next generation of highly talented team members the opportunity to formulate the group strategy EHL 2030 and to lead EHL in the Executive Leadership Team to the next level of sustainable success.

Markus Venzin has taken over the role of CEO of EHL Group following his nomination end of 2021 and his introduction into EHL in April 2022. As a first priority, Venzin has been working closely with the extended leadership team to define the group’s priorities and strategy to continue to grow the academic and business consulting activities.

As EHL wants to empower leaders to make decisions within their area of responsibility, EHL decided with the Board of Directors to complement the strategy review with a new organizational structure and the appointment of the next generation of leaders in the Executive Leadership Team. By doing so, EHL is providing the next generation of highly talented EHL team members not only the great chance to design and formulate the group strategy 2030 but also to explore new ways and lead its execution.

“We are proud that we are able to promote exclusively internal members to the Executive Leadership Team. Team members with a proven record of leadership, high performance and a student-centric orientation, ready for people development and caring about culture”, explains Carole Ackermann President of the Board of Directors. "The new organizational structure, organized by service segment, will allow us to rethink how we work and provide each business unit with the autonomy to achieve our ambitions. This structure will allow us to better understand and serve the needs of our students, clients and partners” states Markus Venzin.

As a result, a few members of the Executive Committee offered to step aside and give the fullest support to their colleagues in the new leadership position. Markus Venzin, along with the members of the EHL Board of Directors, express their gratitude for the remarkable achievements of the previous Executive Committee during their tenure and look forward to continuing their legacy in the development of hospitality management education. Thanks to their vision and dedication under the leadership of Michel Rochat, EHL has grown into the strong global organization it is today.

Markus Venzin and the EHL Board of Directors warmly welcome the new members of the Executive Leadership Team: Inès Blal (Undergraduate School), Achim Schmitt (Graduate School), Patrick Ogheard (Hospitality Operations School), Noémie Danthine (Sustainable Hospitality Services), Meloney Brazzola (Corporate Communications). They will join Juan-Francisco Perellon (Academic Office), Tony Morales (Administration, Finance and Control) and Rémi Walbaum (Growth Office) in their new roles. EHL has full confidence in the new Executive Leadership Team and its capability to fulfill future student needs and to drive the Group’s development into a next exciting phase.


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