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EHL will host the 16th annual conference of the American Association of Wine Economists

June 13, 2024

Lausanne, June 10, 2024 – EHL Hospitality Business School, a leading institution in hospitality management education, is proud to announce that it will host the 16th annual conference of the American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE). This prestigious event will take place from 1 to 5 July 2024 on EHL’s Lausanne campus.


The AAWE conference is known the world over for being a unique platform of exchanges and meetings at the intersection of the wine industry and economic principles. Over 120 participants from the world over will come together for the event. This annual rendez-vous will feature enlightening discussions, research presentations and networking opportunities for professionals in the wine industry, economists, researchers and others passionate about wine economics.

The 2024 edition of the AAWE conference aims to take an in-depth look into the dynamic landscape of wine economics as well as the emerging trends, challenges and opportunities that are shaping the industry. From the impact of climate change on wine production to an analysis of market dynamics and consumer preferences, the symposium this year will offer an in-depth exploration of the economic forces driving the global wine market. Moreover, participants will

have the opportunity to taste great wines from local vineyards, thus enriching their understanding and appreciation of the complex relationship between wine and economics.

“This conference is a unique occasion to bring together the best wine industry experts to explore together the challenges and opportunities shaping the market. As a member of the AAWE and passionate about wine economics, I am honored to participate in this event and contribute to the exchanges”, said Dr. Philippe Masset, Associate Professor of Finance at the EHL Hospitality Business School.

The entire conference will take place in English. Registration fees total USD 890 and AAWE membership is required and available here. For more information about registration and the complete schedule for the conference please visit the official website:

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