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Earn a Master's Degree at EHL Hospitality Business School for Free

March 27, 2023

Lausanne, 27 March 2023 – EHL Hospitality Business School is committed to providing access to high quality education and empowering individuals to become future catalysts for change. To support the development of young talents for the hospitality industry and promote access to its academic programs, EHL is pleased to announce the availability of financial aid opportunities for 10 eligible Swiss-based students who are interested in pursuing the Master in Hospitality Management (MiHM) program. The deadline for applications is May 1st. 

10 Financial aid opportunities covering the totality of the tuition fees of a value of CHF 39,500 each

Thanks to the recognition of the MiHM program by the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO), 10 potential candidates can obtain financial aid to finance their tuition fees (representing a value of CHF 39,500 per student) for the entire 18-month duration of this hospitality management master. The financial aid is available for students of Swiss nationality, as well as certain foreign students who meet specific conditions*.

With the next intake starting September 2023 on EHL Campus Lausanne, the deadline for application to the program is fixed for May 1st for all candidates. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply via and take advantage of this unique opportunity to boost a career in the dynamic and exciting hospitality industry.

EHL’s Master in Hospitality Management : a step-up for a successful career

The MiHM is taught full-time over three semesters (18 months) at EHL’s newly redesigned Campus in Lausanne. The program covers a range of hospitality and service management topics including entrepreneurship & innovation, human-centric leadership, talent management, marketing, and customer centricity. The program also gives students the choice to specialize as they study with two academic routes offered in 2023: food and beverage management, or hospitality finance, real estate and consulting.

“Today’s hospitality professionals have to be agile and innovative, ready to adapt to change and identify new avenues for growth. Our Master in Hospitality Management
trains ambitious students to analyze data, prioritize, and make fast, effective decisions, and offers a context to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills. Their
enhanced industry knowledge and capabilities will help them to become the next generation of hospitality leaders and seize new opportunities in this rapidly changing
industry.” says Dr Achim Schmitt, Dean of EHL Graduate School.

  • More information about the MiHM program can be found on EHL’s website.
  • Interested candidates can contact the program’s admissions team at to discuss their application, or for more
    information about financial aid.

*Swiss nationals if their parents reside in Switzerland, live abroad, or are deceased; Refugees and stateless persons of full age allocated to a Swiss canton with deceased parents or parents living abroad; Foreigners of full age who have their civil residence in Switzerland and have deceased parents or parents living abroad; Foreign students of full age who have lived and worked in Switzerland for at least two years and are financially independent can also apply; Non-Swiss citizens may be eligible if their parents or legal guardians have their civil residence in Switzerland, or if they live in the Geneva border area and at least one parent works in the Canton of Geneva

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