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KUNIUMI-EHL Inc. has been established as a joint venture between EHL Advisory Services and KuniUmi Asset Management Co. Ltd.

February 22, 2023
EHL KuniUmi

Lausanne, February 12th, 2023KUNIUMI-EHL Inc. has been established as a joint venture between EHL Advisory Services SA, part of EHL Group, owner of EHL Hospitality Business School, the world’s first hospitality education institution, and Kuniumi Asset Management Co., Ltd., which has a proven track record as the operator of Japan's largest 235 MW mega solar power plant.

Kuniumi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (represented by Yasuyo Yamazaki) has been the Japanese knowledge partner of EHL Group with headquarters in Switzerland, since 2019.

EHL was founded in 1893 as the world’s first hotel management school. Close to 130 years later, it has become an international education group with around 4 000 students, 3 campuses in Switzerland and Singapore, 30 000 alumni and educational programs ranging from apprenticeships to master's degrees, as well as professional short courses and executive education. EHL Group draws its strength from EHL Hospitality Business School which is regularly recognized as the world’s best university in hospitality management. Its unique pedagogical approach based on the Swiss experiential learning and its pioneer spirit inspire many institutions, governments and businesses around the world which use EHL’s consultancy services to raise their standards of excellence.

Additionally, Kuniumi Asset Management has significant strengths in renewable energy, including the deployment of mega solar power plants with a capacity of up to 235 MW in Japan, and is engaged in regional revitalization in various parts of Japan. The company is developing a variety of businesses centered on tourism, education, environment and health.

KUNIUMI-EHL Inc., born of the collaboration between the two companies, will be the first comprehensive hospitality educational company in Japan offering vocational education, higher-education and postgraduate education solutions. With the establishment of this hospitality education institution, KUNIUMI-EHL Inc. aims to significantly revitalize Japan's tourism and inbound industries, while building the foundation for a world-renowned Japanese hospitality culture.

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