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EHL’s Vocational Training Program grows in India, as the world’s best hospitality management university* to further strengthen its partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

November 13, 2023
Interaction with VET by EHL students at ITC Maurya Hotel, New Delhi.

The iconic Swiss institution, with campuses in Switzerland and Singapore, has partnered with CII to create a novel education program in India’s leading hubs and resorts to enhance the learning journey of the country’s highly skilled workforce, namely on the premises of high-end ITC Hotels and Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)

Delhi, INDIA, 9 November 2023 – EHL Group, the global reference for hospitality education, has joined forces with the Confederation of Indian Industry to pioneer a groundbreaking vocational training initiative in India, witnessing a significant growth in enrolments this past year. This collaboration leverages the existing infrastructures of iconic hotel chains, offering students a blend of classroom theory and on the job experience. Charting an unprecedented path in India’s hospitality education landscape, this partnership plans to reshape the scene of hospitality training through a hands-on apprenticeship system modelled after the renowned Swiss dual education system.

At the forefront of this initiative are two powerhouses of the hospitality sector: ITC Hotels, a premier luxury hotel chain in India, and The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), Asia’s largest hotel chain, which operates under several prestigious brands, including the iconic Taj Hotels. These industry giants bring exceptional facilities to the table, providing the ideal environment for learning.

An Industry-Aligned Model: Bridging Theory and Practice

This innovative program, in which students can enroll with a Higher Secondary School Certificate, marries the expertise of EHL Hospitality Business School which is regularly recognized as the world's best hospitality management university with the excellence of India's leading hotel chains.

Under this initiative that was launched in 2021, students have the unique opportunity to undergo training directly under the guidance of the line managers at the hotels, who have been specially trained by EHL to deliver this unique curriculum. This dynamic program divides the students’ week between classroom sessions and real-time, on-the-job training, allowing them to function as regular employees for most of their week, thus fostering a seamless blend of theory and practice.

Currently, the VET by EHL program is successfully running in 8 prime locations with ITC hotels IHCL Hotels. In a bid to broaden its reach and impact, the program is set to expand to additional cities, building a steady pipeline of top talents for the hotel chains involved in the training program.

“CII's unwavering commitment to providing industry-aligned programs for India's youth has achieved remarkable success through the VET by EHL Programs delivered at ITC Hotels and IHCL Hotels group. CII's objective is to build a robust talent pipeline for India's thriving hospitality sector, utilizing the expertise of EHL, ITC Hotels, and IHCL. Following this year's outstanding response, we plan to expand by incorporating more hotels next year, welcoming an even larger pool of aspiring talents", said Sougata Roy Choudhury, Executive Director, Confederation of Indian Industry.

Empowering the Next Generation of Hospitality Leaders

Upon completion of the intensive 18-month diploma program, the apprentices stand a chance to be integrated into the hotel’s workforce, propelling them into promising careers in the hospitality sector. “This collaboration signals a transformative shift in hospitality education, one that values practical experience as a potent tool for training versatile, industry-ready talents. As the VET by EHL initiative gears up for its next phase of expansion, applications are open in 8 cities across the country with more to come throughout the year for trainees registering in the next intake starting in February 2024”, explained Aman Aditya Sachdev, Director and Country Head India at EHL.

* #1 Worldwide (2019 - 2023) QS World University Rankings In Hospitality & Leisure Management

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