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EHL has received the label “Carbon neutral event” from consultancy agency South Pole for the inauguration of its new Campus in Lausanne!

June 27, 2022

EHL - 23 June 2022 - EHL is very happy and proud to announce that thanks to the efforts of the entire team organizing the events for the opening of our new campus in Lausanne, we have received the label “Carbon neutral event” from consultancy agency South Pole!

This is a first at EHL, and it fits within our commitment to offset carbon emissions caused by the construction of our campus by 2024 (see our Social and Environmental Report 2021).

To receive this label, several of our teams took action, notably:

  • We increased vegetarian options on the menu and thoroughly considered the products we’ll be offering
  • We decreased the use of plastic and all single-use materials
  • We opted to work with local partners in the organization of the event (for stage construction, sound, animations, decorations, etc.)
  • We promote the use of public transportation among guests and offer a shuttle service between Croisettes and the campus

We have also chosen to offset non-suppressible emissions with 2 projects in Switzerland and Singapore to reflect the countries in which we have EHL campuses:

  • 1 project for forest management and protection in Switzerland
  • 1 project for LED installations in Singapore

Thank you to all members who were involved in data collection and finding ways to reduce emissions!