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Change in the Chairmanship of EHL International Advisory Board

March 18, 2022
Change in the Chairmanship of EHL International Advisory Board
Lausanne, 18 March 2022 – The Board of Trustees of the EHL Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jonathan Stent-Torriani as EHL’s new International Advisory Board President. After 10 years at the helm of EHL International Advisory Board, Mr. Emanuel Berger, has announced that he will be retiring from his position as Chairman by July 2022.

For two decades, Mr. Emanuel Berger - himself a graduate of EHL – served as member of the Board of EHL, and accepted the following 10 years to lead the International Advisory Board with great passion and commitment. Mr. Emanuel Berger has had a stellar career spanning more than 6 decades. This includes his leadership as CEO of the Victoria-Jungfrau Collection, as well as being Chairman of Swiss Deluxe Hotels.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Berger and wish him a most fulfilling retirement. His love and passion for the hospitality industry has inspired - and continues to do so - many young hoteliers from around the world. Today, we look back with great thankfulness and we look forward to welcoming our new president Mr. Jonathan Stent-Torriani”, declares Dr. Carole Ackermann, President of the Board of Directors and EHL Board of Trustees.

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