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CEO of EHL Group announces his departure after 11 years in office

December 13, 2021
Mr. Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL Group announces his departure after 11 years in office

Lausanne, 13 December 2021 – After almost 12 years at the helm, the CEO of EHL Group, Prof. Michel Rochat, has announced that he will be leaving his position at the end of 2022. The Board of Trustees express their gratitude for his visionary leadership and commitment to the community and, in turn, Prof. Rochat thanks the Group for the memorable experiences and lessons learnt.

Following Prof. Rochat’s announcement, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of EHL Group, Dr Carole Ackermann, announced: “On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank Michel Rochat for his great professionalism, his daring to cross borders, his constant benevolence and his unwavering commitment. He was a unifying and visionary business leader, and he will be missed.”

In thanking EHL Group, Prof. Rochat stated: “I have profound gratitude for all the experiences that I have had at EHL and for the human relationships that have enriched my time here.” He goes on to share his learnings by saying, “First and foremost, I have learnt that it’s by being willing to exchange in a more open and empathetic way that we can catalyze inspiration and empowerment. This is one of the learnings behind our growth, which helped bring the 125 nationalities of our student body together in a harmonious way.”

During Prof. Rochat’s tenure, EHL Group has become the world’s #1 hospitality management school (QS World University Rankings), been recognized as the first training restaurant with a Michelin star for 3 consecutive years, launched new programs at all levels to become an integrated lifelong learning partner, and expanded its campuses globally.

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